• Ruth-Anne Eisler

Visual Design and the Creative Process

As your designers, effective communication with you allows us to customize effective visual solutions for you. Here’s an example of how we progressed through the design process in concert with one client.

Our client, Forward, a talent acquisition and executive coaching agency, requested an uplifting and simple logo that wouldn't read corporate. The company founder wanted a hand-drawn look and liked the idea of using a bird, signifying uplifting forward movement. In response, the artist produced several images with an organic, roughly sketched look. The concept aligned with the founder’s vision and this is what she settled on.

Some months later, Forward again approached us seeking website imagery and a revised logo. Forward’s direction and client base were evolving, and the founder desired a more geometric identifying image to resonate with the primarily technology based clientele it represented. The client sent us a number of images that were consistent with the company’s evolution. She sought a geometric bird and admired the art and science of origami.

Based on the client’s needs, here is what we created:

The client liked the idea of the bird flying out of a black hexagon to enhance the geometric tech theme and provided this sketch, below. We appreciate it when clients give us their sketches, images, or any visuals at all. It can help speed up the process and save money, too.

Our client was fond of the M Fred font, which we thought was an excellent choice. This is a great retro-mod font, a fine look in support of the image we were trying to communicate.

We created a mock-up for the text.

Here's the first full concept, incorporating the client’s request for a geometric bird, a yellow background, and a black hexagon.

However, the black hexagon was unsuccessful and the idea was abandoned. We all felt the hexagon appeared incongruous, adding weight to the bird and pulling it down. We liked the idea of a multicoloured bird, and presented several images. Here’s one:

At this point, both artist and client thought we were getting closer to the realization of a winner. The client approved of the bird, the format, and most of the colours, but wanted what might be considered a slightly more traditionally masculine look and colour palette. So long, pink!

Here’s the final choice.

The client viewed the revised logo as more relevant to the company profile and the customer. Everyone involved was gratified with the results at the conclusion of this project, a successful collaborative effort!

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