David Chambers

Art Director




David is noted for both his artistic virtuosity and extreme versatility in almost all facets of art and design. He combines diplomas in Graphic Design, 2-D Animation, and Computer Animation with over seventeen years experience demonstrating a remarkable breadth of facility: as a technical illustrator; graphic designer; background, character, and prop designer for animated cartoons; art outsourcing manager for video games; design instructor; and as a modeler, senior concept artist, and lead artist on console and mobile video games including numerous AAA titles.
An inherently visual thinker, David has an ambidextrous mind that allows him to approach his work from the in-tandem perspective of logical problem-solver and creative artist. His visual solutions assist in creating pathways to revenue.

Two most recent projects:

Art Director on an animated production at DHX Media Vancouver, and designer, illustrator, colorist, video designer and video editor developing world-class apps for Windows 10 at Microsoft Redmond.

Tim Porter

Technical Director



Tim has nine years technical art industry experience coupled with a degree in Computer Animation from Full Sail University, and has fulfilled many roles from environment art to scripting and everything in between.
His strengths are an art background combined with expertise in tool creation, pipeline and game optimization. He combines his technical wizardry with fluent knowledge of many tools and languages. Tim excels at creating, facilitating, and enabling teams to create seamless lines of communication between code, art, design and production in order to maximize studio efficiency.



Terry Schmidbauer

Modeling/Rendering Lead


An art school graduate, Terry is a veteran creative professional whose artistic experience includes working as an art director for a major toy company, a commercial illustrator, professional photographer, and a 3D artist and modeler in the software entertainment industry. Having worked on many AAA games, Terry possesses an excellent understanding of game art and processes, coupled with in-depth knowledge of 3D computer graphics. He has the artistic expertise and technical know-how to create visually stimulating content that is so vital to intensifying game playability.




Ruth-Anne Eisler

Head, Communications



Ruth-Anne is a versatile business writer, copywriter, and editor skilled in crafting polished written content for the legal, engineering, insurance, visual media, and artistic sectors.  


Specialties include developing communication strategies, effective public relations, website copy, brand development, and business communications.


She is adept at handling sensitive issues and crisis communications, and building client relations.

Steve Rowse

Modeling/Rendering Lead


Steve graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle with a diploma in computer animation/multimedia, and then set about achieving his goal of creating the highest quality and most compelling 3D art possible for current and next-gen interactive games.  In this capacity, he brings to Scrumble more than fifteen years’ experience as a 2D and 3D artist, animator, and modeler.  Steve also has several years’ experience in virtual reality simulation and robotic surgery simulation.


Adrien Deggan

Lead Concept Artist


Adrien, an award winning Franco-Canadian digital artist, has worked in the film, video game, and animation industry for studios in France, America, England, and Canada. He recently completed work as Lead Artist on Microsoft’s Age of Empires. This nomadic artist possesses an outlook that is broad in scope along with the flexible, nimble mindset of an inveterate puzzle-solver and an outstanding flair for visual story-telling.




Natalie J. Pierson

Social Media Coordinator



Natalie has a BA in English from the University of Washington and is a fiction writer and published author who also blogs about social media. True to her Seattle roots, she loves coffee and will respond to coffee-based bribes.


Natalie excels at creative development, social marketing, social media channel management, and brand development.